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Format : Round and round, Aerosmith
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Round and round, Aerosmith

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 21:58:03 -0500 From: Bryson Meunier <> Subject: TAB:"ROUND AND ROUND" by Aerosmith "ROUND AND ROUND" (Steven Tyler/Brad Whitford) performed by Aerosmith on "Toys in the Attic"(1975) humbly transcribed by Bryson Meunier intro- Repeat each chord about eight times(I think. Listen to the cd for verification). Palm mute repeated chords. Turn up the gain and the bass on your amp for a fatter guitar sound. A5 B5 C5 D5 E-----------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------| G----------4-----5-----7--7--7------------------| D----7-----4-----5-----7--7--7-------5----------| A----7-----2-----3-----5--5--5--5h7------73----| E----5------------------------------------------| verse- F#5 A |---PM----| |---| |--| E------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------| G------------/9----------------------------------| D----4b--2---/9--------------7-------5-----------| A----4b--2---/7--------------7-------5-----------| E----2b--0--------0--0----0------0-------0-------| (repeat several times) Lyrics: If you believe in me like I believe in you you wouldn't be tellin' me things that weren't exactly true Now everything changes ain't nothin the same I'm gettin' the strangest feelin' I can't remember my name A5 B5 C5 Cause the life I've been livin and the love I've been givin' will be sure to D5 send you spinnin' with your feet never touchin' the ground, goin' round and round. When it was one for all and it was all for one and everything that we did never bothered no one Now everything changes ain't nothin the same I'm gettin' the strangest feelin' I can't remember my name Cause the life...etc. Can you remember the days when you was sweet sixteen and always followed the ways of someone else's dream Now everything changes...etc. I'm goin' round and round and round and round... symbols used in transcription: h = hammer-on = slide b = bend PM = palm mute You should be able to figure out the remaining rhythm guitar parts from the chords indicated here. Anyone who wants to take the time to work out the lead guitar work is more than welcome to add it to this file/create their own file. I post songs because I want to see accurate transcriptions that aren't otherwise available. If you can make this transcription more accurate or if you just have questions or comments, e-mail me at

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tablature round and round aerosmith

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