Tablature mrs crowe s blue waltz

Adrian Legg
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Format : Mrs crowes blue waltz, Adrian legg
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Mrs crowes blue waltz, Adrian legg

From jmp@moscom.com Thu Oct 6 08:09:38 EDT 1994 Article: 7714 of rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic Xref: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic:7714 Message-ID: <9410031417.AA29973@moscom.com> Date: 3 Oct 1994 10:46:46 EDT Path: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca!watserv2.uwaterloo.ca!torn!howland.reston.ans.net!swrinde!ihnp4.ucsd.edu!library.ucla.edu!psgrain!m2xenix!jhunix1.hcf.jhu.edu!jmp@moscom.com (Joe Palumbos) Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic Distribution: world Organization: Johns Hopkins University (Homewood Academic Computing) Originator: rmmga@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu Reply-To: <jmp@moscom.com (Joe Palumbos)> Sender: rmmga@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu From: jmp@moscom.com (Joe Palumbos) Subject: Re: REQ for Legg from newcomer Lines: 59 > > Just found the group today after a message on rmmgt which suggested that > Mrs Crowe's Blue Waltz had been posted here. I've certainly seen > Kinvarra's Child on rmmgt and agt, but if anyone has Mrs C. tabbed and > could mail it to me, I'd be mega grateful. Might even buy you a beer if > I'm in your part of the world... > Mrs C's BW is tabbed in the November/December Issue of Fingerstyle magazine, (Issue #5) if you get that over there. I figured this song, but I haven't seen the magazine yet, so I don't know if I use the same tuning as AL. I would love to get the Ascii tab for Kinvara's Child. I think it's one of the few tunes he plays in standard tuning. Could someone please post, or E-mail it to me, since I don't have access to rmmgt. Thanks. For MrsC'sBW: From standard tuning, just tune the 2 low strings down (2 & 1 full note(s), respectively). Then a C-chord is just played like an Am7 in std-tuning. (I believe AL tunes all strings down 1/2 fret first.) The song is pretty easy to play in this tuning. Mrs. Crowe's Blue Waltz Tuning: CGDGBE Here are some chords I use: C 0x201x G x0303x C' 0x5x53 C7 0xx3xx F 5x756x 5x7565 5x7568 F+ 6x7575 C 0x201x Am x2221x Here's the bridge: 5x756x 4x545x 2x323x 0x201x 5x656x 4x545x 2x323x 2 1 x0303x 0x201x x0000x If you can't get the magazine, and need the whole tab, let me know, and I'll try to type in the whole thing. -Joe.

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tablature mrs crowes blue waltz adrian legg

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