Tablature dirty deeds done dirt cheap

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Format : Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, Acdc
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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, Acdc

From: VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter ) Subject: TAB: AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap By Dave (who's last name I accidentally deleted) E G E A E D5 A e---------------------------------------------I b--------------------2--------3---2-----------I g-----1--------1-----2--1-----2---2-----------I d-----2---- 5--2-----2--2---------2-----------I a-----2-----5--2-----0--2---------0-----------I e-----0-----3--0--------0---------------------I this is the intro it goes E--GE--AE--DA then the verses goes: A A B e-------------------I b-------------------I g-------------------I d----7--7sss9-------I a----7--7sss9-------I e----5--5sss7-------I the sss is a slide so go A-AsB Finally here is the chorus: A A ? A e---------------2----------------------------I b---2-------2---2---2------------------------I g---2-------2---0---2------------------------I d---2-------2---0---2-------9-----9---7---9--I a---0-------0-------0-------7-----7---5---7--I e---------------------------0-----0-------0--I Dirty Done Dirt Cheap Dirty Done Dirt Deeds Deeds The words came out quite messy, but the A is played with Dirty Deeds, The A is played with Done, The ? is played with Dirt, and the A is played with Cheap. The same is done for the second half. I don't have the solo but The one-handed part is pull-offs done on the high e string. It's: e----10p9p7p0-----10p9p7p0-----10p9p7p0----- and it continues. He may keep spacing and move to 8p7p5p0 or something similar. If you are slow enough at it like I am, it sounds like his solo to Let There Be Rock in the Live versions or as seen in concert. Anyway, I hope this has helped. Sorry about all the other shit I accidentally sent. Enjoy! Dave Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 18:44:03 -0300 From: Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajuba <> DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP - by AC/DC (SOLO) tabbed by Ivo ( There's a good transcription of this tune at Nevada. Anyway, I felt I should add this nice solo, because I think every AC/DC fan who plays guitar should learn this one. I think the version below is pretty accurate. ============================================================================ b - bend the note a half tone B - bend the note a full tone ~~~ - vibrato Angus style > - the notes over this symbol should be played with an accent | - stands only for part of a music (as far as I identify by listening). Don't take them as any rhythmic division. ============================================================================ SOLO e|--------------|--------|------------------------|-----------------| B|--------------|--------|------------------------|-----10(B)~~~----| D|--6(b)--6(b)--|--------|-----9(B)---9(B)--9--7--|--7--------------| G|--------------|--9~~~--|--7---------------------|-----------------| A|--------------|--------|------------------------|-----------------| e|--------------|--------|------------------------|-----------------| e|-------------|-----------------------------------|------------------------| B|--10(B)--10--|-----------------------------------|------------------------| D|-------------|-----------------------------------|------------------------| G|-------------|--9--9---9--9--9--9---9--9---9--9--|--9---9---9---9---9--9--| A|-------------|-----------------------------------|------------------------| e|-------------|-----------------------------------|------------------------| > > > > > e|---------------------|--7-10-7-------------------------------------| B|---------------------|---------10----10----------------------------| D|---------------------|------------11----11-9-11-9---9--7-----9--7--| G|--9---9---7---7---9--|------------------------------------9--------| A|---------------------|---------------------------------------------| e|---------------------|-----------This part is actually played--| e|--------------------------|---------------------------| B|--------------------------|--here the fun begins------| D|--------------------9(B)--|--The pattern is just a----| G|--9--7-----9--9--9--------|--pull offs sequence-------| A|--------9-----------------|---------------------------| e|-----quite--fast-!!!------|---------------------------| To save space I'm just indicating the finger patterns. They are all pull offs. Keep it flowing throughout. e|--(8--5--0)---(9--6--0)---(10--7--0)-|-(11--8--0)---(12--9--0)-------| B|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------| D|---Repeat each pattern 8 times-------|-From here to the end of the---| G|-------------------------------------|-sequence repeat 4 times each--| A|-------------------------------------|-pattern-----------------------| e|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------| e|--(13--10--0)---(14--11--0)---(15--12--0)---(16--13--0)---(17--14--0)--| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| e|--(18--15--0)--|--17(B)---| B|---------------|----------| D|---------------|----------| G|---------------|----------| A|---------------|----------| e|---------------|----------| ============================================================================ IIIII V V OOOOOOO I V V O O I V V O O Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajuba I V V O O Itajuba - MG - Brazil IIIII VVV O000000 ============================================================================ Remember any positive feedback is always stimulating!!!

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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Album : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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