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Format : Nutsymtom, 311
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Nutsymtom, 311

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 02:39:57 -0600 From: Michael M Slusarz <slusarz@ucsu.colorado.edu> Subject: TAB: Nutsymtom by 311 'Nutsymtom' Performed by 311; From the album "Grassroots" on Capricorn Records Music by: T. Mahoney, C. Sexton, N. Hexum, A. Wills Lyrics by: N. Hexum, D. Martinez (c) 1994 Allegiance Music/Hydroponic Music BMI Tab by: Michael Slusarz (slusarz@ucsu.colorado.edu) ==> Once again, best viewed with Courier New font <== Riff 1: ======= F#5 G5 E5 1:----------------- 2:----------------- 3:----------------- 4:4---5--2--2--2--2 5:4---5--2--2--2--2 6:2---3--0--0--0--0 Riff 2: ======= C6 1:5-5-5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5 2:5-5-5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5 3:5-5-5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5 4:----------------------------------------- 5:----------------------------------------- 6:----------------------------------------- Riff 3: ======= B#5 C5 C#5 D#5 E 1:----------------0///12 2:4---5---6---8---0///12 3:4---5---6---8---1///13 4:4---5---6---8---2///14 5:2---3---4---6---2///14 6:----------------0///12 Lyrics/Song: ============ ---> Bass Intro ---> Play Riff 1 over: The colda funk has you sunk feel the mids pump Blessed are those who erupt when we turn up Right now we corrupt Cons the shades we don in the neon night We're gonna feed on the mics and blast through a pipe ---> Play Riff 2 over: I gotta cool capability to toast and ill Yo my daddy told me, "Hey son you must act chill" ---> Play Riff 1 over: Alien rough my galaxy is tough Here comes the bang of a hip-hop thang that we bring and swing Men from Mars ain't ever gonna hang With dope Buddha's we come to the stage we are attackin' ---> Play Riff 2 over: Space assassin naked live and never slackin Come a day on the way enter one S.A. ---> Play Riff 1 over: Amplified from another world far away I got the pang of a gang and I come from the Southside ---> Play Riff 3 over: Here's the thang that I bring and I promise to come live (repeat Riff 3) ---> Play Riff 1 over: While the masses passes upon their fucking asses And if you don't see get glasses That is a shot out to the words of Curt Grubb The motherfucker is no scrub I said the man is the kind ---> Play Riff 2 over: With the one that I call Brine Shrimp We never ever do skimp I limp on stage in a huff ---> Play Riff 1 over: Like magic dragon on puff on the stuff of a Humbolt cone Then I'm stoned watch out Smoke the weed that come from Northern California Not do no cocaine that come from Columbia ---> Play Riff 2 over: That the thing that mash up your nature Mash up your body and mash up your culture ---> Play Riff 1 over: Take a tip from the flipped script of Daddy Freddy I give complete props to the one that rocks steady ---> Play Riff 3 over: With dexterity that goes on and on and on And turn out the dope shit like the one that's called Pawn Shop Press Yes, it's on, what's up P-Nut change it up, what's up on your mind, watch out ---> Solo ---> End With Riff 3 (x2) -- Michael Slusarz(slusarz@ucsu.colorado.edu) Home Page - http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~slusarz/arnett21.html University of Colorado at Boulder

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Orgelkonz. B-dur Op.7/6 Hwv311

Orgelkonz. B-dur op.7/6 HWV311
Type : Partition
Edition Breitkopf & Härtel

10,90 €

tablature nutsymtom 311

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