Would a 50mw green laser pointer be stronger than a 200mw red laser?



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No, it would not. Green laser pointers are considered better not because the laser is better, but because of you eye. The human eye has a peak sensitivity at the green wavelength of light. So green light will look brighter to our eyes than an equal amount of red light. But it is more like a factor of 2 than a factor of 4, as you suggested. (That depends on the specific person's eyes, of course.) However, the 200mW red laser would still have 4 times the power of a 50mW green laser, so it would burn things, including your retina, 4 times faster. So if you mean stronger as in more power, then the mW rating is all that is important and the color is not. If you mean stronger as in more visible, then a green laser will be about twice as bright as an equally powerful red laser. But for the two lasers you suggest, the red laser is 'stronger' in both senses. 
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