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James Hyman: DJ Mission Vol 007 (License To Thrill)

0102:13Dr. Dre (Lolo) & Barry Adamson (007, a Fantasy Bond Theme) & Audio Shrapnel (James Bond/James Hyman intro)
0200:26John Barry (Lets Go Get 'Em) & Usher (Yeah
0301:49Yeah (radio edit)
0401:24Crooklyn Clan (feat. Stik E) (Say Wuut) & Hip Hop Party Booster (Party Booster for Djs)
0500:52Diamonds Are Forever
0602:45M.O. P & Mark Ronson (Ante Up vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Queens of the Stone Age)
0702:00Fit but You Know It (radio edit vs. Poj edit)
0801:01The James Bond Theme
0901:12Perez 'Prez' Prado vs. Beyonce (Crazy Prado
1000:51Don't Jump Bitch Move
1101:23What More Can I Say?
1201:53Redhead Kingpin (Do the Right Thing
1301:31I Know You Got Fish (Rakim vs. Marillion)
1402:25Jackin' (It Got Ugly)
1502:16John Barry (Opening Title Off 'From Russia With Love') & Tim G (Toxic Secret)
1602:22Agent Lovelette (Stand Up, Word Up) & Cameo (Word Up
1702:04Milkshake (A Cappella)
1801:52Relax Your Flava
1900:42A View to a Kill
2000:37He Not In
2103:47Tiga (Pleasure From the Bass) & Raze (Break 4 Love)
2201:37My My My
2301:09Bond 77
2401:51Sexy Model
2500:38The Man With the Golden Gun
2601:11Lazy Onions (X-Press II vs. Booker T & The Mgs)
2702:10Miss Dynamiteehee
2801:34Walk This Way
2901:56Fat Bottomed Girls (Digital Remaster)
3001:17Manifest (Og Returns) & Monty Norman (James Bond Theme)
3102:17Thru the Wire (Still Standing)
3202:18Frontin' Close (Pharell vs. The Cure)
3302:00Air (Alpha Beta Gaga) & Scissor Sisters (take Your Mama
3400:46Louis Armstrong (We Have All the Time in the World) & Ludacris (Stand Up)
3500:48Crooklyn Clan (Where My Niggaz@! vs. Don't Jump Bitch Move)
3600:22In da Club (A Cappella)
3701:12Da Best Club
3801:11Upside Down & Dirty (Diana Ross vs. Christina Aguilera)
3901:07Boney M (Sunny) & Mark Ronson (Oooh Wee)
4001:27Intergalactic Rock It Mediate (Soulwax mix)
4101:02Wanna Jump?!?!?
4200:43King of the Jump Around (Soulwax mix)
4301:23Live and Let Dieoui
4403:33Scissor Sisters (take Ya Mama) & George Martin (Bond Meets Solitaire)
4501:14Hip Hop
4601:42Trip to the Moon, Part II
4700:27You Only Live Twice
4800:35Nobody Does It Better
4902:54Radiohead (Nobody Does It Better) & Audio Shrapnel (James Bond/James Hyman outro)
5000:40Chateau Flight

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