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The Live Broadcast Collection

103:50Romeo Delight (live)
207:47Unchained (live)oui
303:54Full Bug (live)
403:11Runnin' With the Devil (live)
503:44Jamie's Cryin' (live)oui
604:46So This Is Love? (live)oui
704:54Little Guitars (live)oui
802:49Dancing in the Street (live)oui
908:51Somebody Get Me a Doctor (live)oui
1003:17Dance the Night Away (live)oui
1103:25Secrets (live)
1207:03Everybody Wants Some (live)
1307:24Ice Cream Man (live)oui
1402:55Pretty Woman (live)oui
1506:00Ain't Talkin' Bout Love (live)oui