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The Tannahill Weavers Collection: Choice Cuts 1987-1996

104:37The Blackbird Set: Blackley of Hillsdale / The Blackbird / The Hankie Dance / Jack Daniel’s Reel / The Farmer’s Daughter
204:15Wild Mountain Thyme
404:19Crann Tara Set: Angus G. MacLeod / Crann Tara / Fiona MacLeod
507:17Joy of my Heart / Kintail
605:10The Carls o' Dysart / The Log Splitter Set: The Carls o' Dysart / Caradale Bay / The Log Splitter / Calibachan / Drochaid Luideach
703:38Hieland Harry: Hieland Harry / The Wee Highland Laddie (2nd part) / Lieutenant Colonel D.J.S. Murray
803:49The Braes o’ Balquhidder
903:04Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?: Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? / The Noose and the Ghillie
1004:10Campbelton Kiltie Ball: Campbelton Kiltie Ball / The Back of the Moon / Kelsae Brig / Put Me in the Great Chest / Sergeant MacDonald's Reel
1103:41The Cuillins of Rhum
1204:40The Plooboy Laddies / John Murray of Lochee
1304:55The Good Drying Set: Good Drying / The MacFarlanes / The Whistlebinkies Reel / Mulhaire's Reel / The Christmas Carousal / Miss Monaghan
1406:29Braw Burn the Bridges