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The Mermaid's Song

103:17Greenwood Side / Highland Laddie / Pattie
204:02Logie o' Buchan
304:52Elspeth Campbell / Kenny Gilles of Portnalong Skye / Malcolm Johnstone / Thornton Jig
403:41The Cuillins of Rhum
506:26The Mermaid's Song / The Herra Boys / Captain Horn / The Fourth Floor
603:07Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? / The Noose and the Ghillie
703:50A Bruxa / Unknown
803:53Come Under My Plaidie
902:46Welcome Royal Cherlie / Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
1004:25Flashmarket Close / MacArther / Colonel Fraser / The Swallow's Tale
1102:34The Ass in the Graveyard