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Too Tough to Die

102:10Mama’s Boy
203:12I’m Not Afraid of Life
302:37Too Tough to Dieoui
400:55Durango 95oui
501:54Wart Hogoui
602:08Danger Zone
704:26Chasing the Night
804:06Howling at the Moon (Sha‐La‐La)
904:32Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)
1002:54Planet Earth 1988
1201:48Endless Vacation
1303:03No Go
1402:56Street Fighting Man
1502:23Smash You
1603:17Howling at the Moon (Sha‐La‐La) (demo)
1703:02Planet Earth 1988 (Dee Dee vocal version)
1804:06Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love) (demo)
1901:46Endless Vacation (demo)
2002:07Danger Zone (Dee Dee vocal version)
2104:10Out of Here
2202:15Mama’s Boy (demo)
2302:16I’m Not an Answer
2402:35Too Tough to Die (Dee Dee vocal version)oui
2503:05No Go (demo)