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Pleasant Dreams

103:21We Want the Airwavesoui
202:13All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front
302:31The KKK Took My Baby Awayoui
402:48Don’t Go
502:42You Sound Like You’re Sick
603:23It's Not My Place
703:29She’s a Sensation
903:00You Didn’t Mean Anything to Me
1002:33Come on Now
1102:41This Business Is Killing Me
1202:30Sitting in My Room
1302:49Touring (1981 version)
1403:24I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
1503:32Chop Suey (alternate version)
1602:07Sleeping Troubles (demo)
1702:09Kicks to Try (demo)
1802:55I’m Not an Answer (demo)
1902:26Stares in This Town (demo)