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Treat Her Groovy

102:25I Will Always Think About You
202:22Dandy Handy Man
302:07Girl Unsigned
402:17Treat Her Groovy
502:33Summertime's Another Name for Love
601:48Just Feel Worse
702:38Can't You See Me Cry?
802:02We Will Love Again
902:23Things I'd Like to Say
1002:24Hold Me With Your Eyes
1102:11You Know Better
1202:46Barbara, I Love You
1402:04Love, That's the Best I Can Do
1502:07Come and Give Your Love to Me
1602:44I Could Never Lie to You
1702:46Ride a Wicked Wind
1802:40I Want You to Know
1902:44Sun Within You
2001:43Blue Eyes
2102:41Come Away With You
2202:42Prairie Grey