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Still Rovin'

100:00The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure (George Millar)
200:00Up Among The Heather
300:00The Dear Little Shamrock Shore (George Millar)
400:00Instrumental Jigs – Father Kelly’s Jig/Langstrom’s Pony/The Lark in the Morning
500:00Brady Of Strabane
600:00Let The Toast Go Round (George Millar)
700:00I Will Go A-Rovin’ (Words – George Millar)
800:00Mary Of Dungloe
900:00The Farmer’s Young Wife (Words – George Millar)
1000:00The Gypsy (David McWilliams)
1100:00Rory Murphy
1200:00Sweet Lovely Joan (George Millar)
1300:00Instrumental Reels – The Plough and the Stars/Sheehan’s Reel/The Boys of Malin
1400:00Forty Years A-Rovin’ (George Millar)