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20 Greatest Hits

102:46Give It Away
203:30Let Me Be the Man My Daddy Was
303:16I Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine)
403:01Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)
503:48(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People
603:39We Are Neighbors
705:10Have You Seen Heroui
803:36Oh Girloui
904:21The Coldest Days of My Life, Part 1
1006:12A Lonely Man
1105:18We Need Order
1205:12A Letter to Myself
1303:00Stoned Out of My Mind
1403:02I Found Sunshine
1503:31Homely Girl
1603:15Too Good to Be Forgotten
1704:50There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God is Seated at the Conference Table)
1803:55You Got to Be the One
2004:44You Don't Have to Go