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The Capitol Albums, Volume 1 (disc 2: The Beatles' Second Album)

102:49Roll Over Beethovenoui
202:07Thank You Girloui
303:05You Really Got a Hold on Meoui
402:30Devil in Her Heartoui
602:40You Can't Do Thatoui
702:07Long Tall Sally
802:11I Call Your Nameoui
902:38Please Mr. Postmanoui
1002:09I'll Get Yououi
1102:28She Loves Yououi
1202:47Roll Over Beethoven (mono)oui
1302:06Thank You Girl (mono)oui
1403:04You Really Got a Hold on Me (mono)oui
1502:28Devil in Her Heart (mono)oui
1602:50Money (mono)oui
1702:39You Can't Do That (mono)oui
1802:06Long Tall Sally (mono)
1902:14I Call Your Name (mono)oui
2002:37Please Mr. Postman (mono)oui
2102:09I'll Get You (mono)oui
2202:21She Loves You (mono)oui