Les Albums de screeching weasel

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Kill the Musicians

0101:26Kamala's Too Nice
0402:16Good Morning
0501:22I Need Therapy
0600:59I Think We're Alone Now
0701:50Something Wrong
0802:08This Bud's for Me
0903:05I Wanna Be a Homosexualoui
1002:23She's Giving Me the Creeps
1102:12I Fall to Pieces
1303:59Radio Blast
1403:12The Girl Next Door
1601:21Judy Is a Punk
1801:22Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
1901:38Havana Affair
2002:37Soap Opera
2103:00Stab Stab Stab
2202:17Six A.M.
2302:47Hey Suburbiaoui
2400:39The American Dream
2503:18Mary Was an Anarchist
2602:50Around on You
2701:45Goodbye to You
2803:02Veronica Hates Meoui
2902:19I Can See Clearlyoui
3001:29Supermarket Fantasyoui
3102:15Science of Myth

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