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The Red Hot Chili Peppers

103:40True Men Don't Kill Coyotesoui
203:40Baby Appealoui
303:24Buckle Downoui
402:53Get Up and Jumpoui
503:25Why Don't You Love Meoui
603:59Green Heavenoui
703:31Mommy Where's Daddy
802:00Out in L. A.
901:16Police Helicopteroui
1000:19You Always Sing the Same
1104:14Grand Pappy du Plentyoui
1202:37Get Up and Jump (demo)oui
1301:12Police Helicopter (demo)oui
1401:56Out in L. A. (demo)
1503:50Green Heaven (demo)oui
1603:57What It Is (Nina's Song) (demo)oui