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The Hollywood Sound

103:43Lawrence of Arabia: Overture
203:43E.T.: The Extra-Terrestial: Flying Theme
303:50Out of Africa: Main Title
405:53The Wizard of Oz: Fantasy for Orchestra
502:54Jaws: Theme
604:31The Adventures of Robin Hood: Robin Hood and His Merry Men
705:01Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind
805:00The Last Emperor: Theme
908:03A Place in the Sun: Suite
1005:11Spellbound: Dream Sequence / Mountain Lodge
1103:50The Godfather, Part II: Main Title / The Immigrant
1202:23Dances With Wolves: John Dunbar Theme
1304:07The Devil and Daniel Webster: Mr. Scratch
1403:12Beauty and the Beast: Theme
1502:44The Best Years of Our Lives: Theme
1605:48Star Wars: Main Title