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Much Ado About Nothing: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

102:57The Picnic
302:07The Sweetest Lady
402:42The Conspirators
501:57The Masked Ball
601:20The Prince Woos Hero
702:46A Star Danced
801:44Rich She Shall Be
901:59Sigh No More Ladies
1003:12The Gulling of Benedick
1102:00It Must Be Requited
1201:41The Gulling of Beatrice
1301:37Contempt Farewell
1402:17The Lady Is Disloyal
1500:47Hero's Wedding
1603:10Take Her Back Again
1704:44Die to Live
1803:03You Have Killed a Sweet Lady
1901:50Choose Your Revenge
2004:34Pardon Goddess of the Night
2101:42Did I Not Tell You
2201:27Hero Revealed
2302:09Benedick the Married Man
2402:41Strike Up Pipers