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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

102:43Flying Over Afghanistan
202:42The United Nations
302:54Shadow Accounts
401:51The Window Reflection
501:52Rooftop Call
603:19Second Great Depression
704:00Faith of Our Fathers
802:11Cheverin Meets Ryan
901:51Plan in a Van
1002:19The Activation
1202:24The Engagement
1307:59Stealing the Data
1404:19Get Out
1504:15Moscow Car Chase
1604:37The Lightbulb
1704:37Unravelling the Data
1801:41CIA Recruitment
1901:40Chopper to NYC
2003:47Bike Chase
2103:15Jack and Aleksandr
2201:04Picking This Life
2303:28Ryan, Mr. President
2402:30Shadow Recruit