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Merle Haggard
Nombre de titres : 22
Genre : Blues \ Blues
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Back to the Barrooms/The Way I Am

0102:47Misery and Ginoui
0202:32Back to the Barrooms
0304:03Make-Up and Faded Blue Jeans
0402:26Ever-Changing Woman
0503:31Easy Come, Easy Go
0603:28I Don't Want to Sober Up Tonight
0703:04Can't Break the Habit
0802:43Our Paths May Never Cross
0903:01I Don't Have Any More Love Songs
1104:21I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
1202:53The Way I Amoui
1403:33No One to Sing For (But the Band)
1502:59(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves Yououi
1602:51Life's Just Not the Way It Used to Be
1704:05Wake Up
1802:48Where Have You Been
1902:50Take Me Back and Try Me One More Time
2003:18I'll Always Be Glad to Take You Back
2103:06It Makes No Difference Now
2203:01It's Been So Long Darlin'

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