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Distant Thunder

102:12Main Title
201:20Mark in Pond
301:23Louis Walks the Track
401:10Louis Kisses the Train
500:39Mark Leaves Mountains–Insert
600:53Char Meets Mark
701:08It’s a Deal
802:55Mark in the Park / Jack Gets Letter
1001:40Mark Leaves Town
1104:51Headlines / To the Mountains (revised) / The Forest at Night
1202:10Larry and Jack (After Shooting) / Mark and Jack Meet (revised)
1302:34Mark and Jack Meet (original version)
1401:02Larry Consoles Mark
1501:58Remember Billy
1601:57No Trespassing
1701:11Looking for Nitz
1801:40Down the Hill
1907:26You’re a Real Amigo
2001:40Mark in Hospital / It’s Not Your Fault
2105:14After the Train Has Passed (revised) / Mark and Jack Reunion
2203:15To the Mountains (original version)
2304:14After the Train Has Passed (original version) / Mark and Jack Reunion