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Country Novelty - Disc 2

0102:47I've Been Everywhere
0202:42Wildwood Weed
0302:44That's What I Like About the South
0402:17Oh! Susanna
0503:07Ode to the Little Brown Shack
0602:57Baby, It's Cold Outside
0704:21It's Hard to Be Humble
0803:10Welfare Cadillac
0902:48Th' Wife
1003:18She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)
1102:03Chug A-Lug
1203:49The Sheriff of Boone County
1302:50For Loving You
1402:42The Battle of Kookamonga
1505:35Shriner's Convention
1602:31Redneck! (Redneck National Anthem)
1702:46The Lawrence Welk Hee Haw Counter Revolution Polka
1803:15Harper Valley P.T.A.
1902:15Dropkick Me, Jesus
2003:09Country Music Is Here to Stay

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