Les Albums de johnny lee

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0103:57Lookin' For Love
0203:01Pickin' Up Strangers
0303:18Rollin' Lonely
0403:20Dreams Die Hard
0503:09You Could've Heard a Heart Break
0602:36Hey Bartender
0703:10Highways Run On Forever
0804:10Cherokee Fiddleoui
0903:42Prisoner of Hope
1003:40You Can't Fly Like an Eagle
1102:45Sounds Like Love
1202:24Be There for Me Baby
1302:47When You Fall In Love
1403:12Together (The New Wedding Song) (feat. Roe McCaw)
1502:57One in a Million
1602:48The Anniversary Song
1702:33There Never Was a Doubt
1804:11Lady in Red
1903:13Bet Your Heart On Me
2003:34The Eyes of Love
2102:13Red Sails in the Sunset
2203:47What a Wonderful World
2302:22The Yellow Rose (feat. Anni O'Brien)

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