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United Alive in Madrid

100:00Halloween (Live)oui
200:00DR. Stein (Live)oui
300:00I'm Alive (Live)
400:00If I Could Fly (Live)oui
500:00Are You Metal? (Live)
600:00Rise and Fall (Live)oui
700:00Waiting for the Thunder (Live)
800:00Perfect Gentleman (Live)oui
900:00Kai's Medley (Starlight / Ride the Sky / Judas / Heavy Metal Is the Law)
1000:00Forever and One (Live)oui
1100:00A Tale That Wasn't Right (Live)oui
1200:00I Can (Live)
1300:00Living Ain't No Crime / A Little Time (Live)
1400:00Sole Survivor (Live)oui
1500:00Power (Live)oui
1600:00How Many Tears (Live)oui
1700:00Invitation / Eagle Fly Free (Live)
1800:00Keeper of the Seven Keys (Live)oui
1900:00Future World (Live)oui
2000:00I Want Out (Live)oui
2100:00March of Time (Live)oui
2200:00Kids of the Century (Live)
2300:00Why (Live)oui
2406:31Pumpkins United (Live)