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The Dark Ride / Rabbit Don't Come Easy

100:45Beyond the Portal
203:27Mr. Tortureoui
304:54All Over the Nationsoui
404:24Escalation 666
503:43Mirror, Mirror
604:08If I Could Flyoui
804:36The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)oui
903:59I Live for Your Painoui
1004:06We Damn the Night
1208:51The Dark Rideoui
1304:26Just a Little Signoui
1404:30Open Your Lifeoui
1505:36The Tune
1604:11Never Be a Staroui
1803:57Sun 4 the Worldoui
1904:21Don't Stop Being Crazy
2004:23Do You Feel Good
2105:34Hell Was Made in Heavenoui
2205:45Back Against the Walloui
2304:54Listen to the Flies
2408:27Nothing to Say
2504:18Far Away