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Guided By Voices
Sortie Officielle : 2004
Nombre de titres : 55
Maison de Disque : Naive Records
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Bee Thousand: The Director's Cut

0100:00Demons Are Real
0200:00Deathtrot and Warlock Riding a Rooster
0300:00Postal Blowfish
0400:00The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
0500:00At Odds With Dr. Genesis
0600:00Hot Freaks
0700:00Queen of Cans and Jars
0900:00It's Like Soul Man (4 Track version)
1000:00Supermarket the Moon
1100:00Stabbing a Star
1200:00Ester's Day
1300:00Her Psychology Today
1400:00Good for a Few Laughs
1500:00Smothered in Hugs
1600:00What Are We Coming Up To?
1800:00Revolution Boy
1900:00Indian Was an Angel
2000:00Zoning the Planet
2300:00Kicker of Elvesoui
2400:002nd Moves to Twin
2500:00I'll Buy You a Bird
2600:00Awful Blissoui
2700:00Echos Myron
2800:00Why Did You Land (Slow version)
2900:00You're Not an Airplane
3000:00Crunch Pillow
3100:00Rainbow Billy
3200:00Tractor Rape Chainoui
3300:00Crocker's Favorite Song
3400:00I Am a Scientistoui
3500:00Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
3600:00A Big Fan of the Pigpen
3700:00Mincer Ray
3800:00Way to a Man's Heart
4000:00Gold Star for Robot Boy
4100:00Hardcore Ufo's
4200:00Yours to Keep
4300:00Shocker in Gloomtown (Early version)
4400:00Break Even (Early version)
4500:00I'll Get Over It
4600:00Shocker in Gloomtown
4700:00Alien Lanesoui
4800:00Off the Floor
4900:00Break Even
5000:00Bee Thousand
5100:00I Am a Scientist (7" version)oui
5200:00Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo
5300:00Do the Earth
5400:00Planet's Own Brand
5500:00My Valuable Hunting Knife (Andy Shernoff version)oui

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