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Dial M for Murder

106:48Main Title (film version) / Margot and Mark (Love Theme)
202:08Green Curtains and White Gloves
309:10Hidden Key / Swann the Intruder
403:03Dial M for Murder
506:49Forensics / The Stocking / Intermission Card (version II)
601:16Lighter Fluid
701:34Meet Inspector Hubbard
807:17Interrogation / Trial / Margot’s Last Chance
908:50Confession / Margot Returns / The Truth
1002:00The Key
1103:45Hubbard’s Theory and End Title
1208:19Suite From Strangers on a Train
1301:10Main Title (original version)
1400:20Intermission Card (version I)
1502:23Dial “M” for Me