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1984Fans 997tabs
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Live in Tokyo 2001

108:51Pictured Within (live in Tokyo 2001)
204:26Sitting in a Dream (live in Tokyo 2001)
304:30Love Is All (live in Tokyo 2001)
404:16Fever Dreams (live in Tokyo 2001)
505:11Rainbow in the Dark (live in Tokyo 2001)
605:42Watching the Sky (live in Tokyo 2001)
707:15Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
804:01The Well‐Dressed Guitar (live in Tokyo 2001)
905:12Wring That Neck (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
1009:47Fools (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
1106:23Perfect Strangers (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
1220:13Concerto for Group and Orchestra: Movement I (live in Tokyo 2001)
1318:36Concerto for Group and Orchestra: Movement II (live in Tokyo 2001)
1415:55Concerto for Group and Orchestra: Movement III (live in Tokyo 2001)
1506:41When a Blind Man Cries (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
1609:37Pictures of Home (live in Tokyo 2001)oui
1707:05Smoke on the Water (live in Tokyo 2001)oui