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Cole Porter
Sortie Officielle : 1991
Nombre de titres : 23
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Overtures and Ballet Music (The London Sinfonietta feat. Conductor John McGlinn)

0103:34Something for the Boys Overture: Something for the Boys / He's a Right Guy / Hey Good Lookin'
0203:36Du Barry Was a Lady Overture: Every Day a Holiday / It Was Written in the Stars / Do I Love You? / Friendship
0306:40The Snake in the Grass (Ballet From Fifty Million Frenchmen)
0403:25Ballet: Within the Quota: Opening
0501:31Ballet: Within the Quota: Heiress
0601:18Ballet: Within the Quota: Heiress Reformer
0701:42Ballet: Within the Quota: Colored Gentleman
0800:31Ballet: Within the Quota: Colored Gentleman Reformer
0902:30Ballet: Within the Quota: Jazz Baby
1000:46Ballet: Within the Quota: Jazz Baby Reformer
1101:41Ballet: Within the Quota: Cowboy
1201:40Ballet: Within the Quota: Sweetheart of the World
1301:05Ballet: Within the Quota: Finale
1403:01Leave It to Me Overture: From Now On / Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love / Get Out of Town
1504:23You Never Know Overture: From Alpha to Omega / At Long Last Love / You Never Know / For No Rhyme or Reason
1605:02Anything Goes Overture: Anything Goes / All Through the Night / You're the Top / Blow, Gabriel, Blow
1703:44Fifty Million Frenchmen Overture: I'm in Love / You've Got That Thing / The Happy Heaven of Harlem / You Do Something to Me / Paree, What Did You Do to Me
1803:49Du Barry Was a Lady: Gavotte
1904:21Can-Can Overture: Can-Can / Allez-Vous-En / If You Loved Me Truly / I Love Paris / Montmartre
2005:10Gay Divorce Overture: How's Your Romance? / After You, Who? / You're in Love / I've Got You on My Mind / Salt Air
2106:17Kiss Me Kate Overture: Too Darn Hot / Why Can't You Behave? / Wunderbar / So in Love / Bianca
2205:28Gay Divorce: Night and Day
2304:55Out of This World Overture: Use Your Imagination / Climb Up the Mountain / Where, Oh Where / Nobody's Chasing Me / I Am Loved

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