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The Mercury Years, Vol. 2

102:46Come Sundownoui
202:09What Am I Gonna Do
302:26Hello Darlin'
402:15Help Me Make It Through the Night
503:22For the Good Times
603:12Leaving on a Jet Plane
702:31Pamela Brown
802:15West Virginia Woman
903:09A Million Miles to the City
1002:18Jesus Is the Only One That Loves Us
1103:13New York City Snow
1202:43I Need Some Good News Bad
1303:02Christian Soldier
1402:43Just the Other Side of Nowhere
1503:48Darby's Castle
1602:46When Love Is Gone
1703:38A Lot of Soul
1802:23Jesus Christ, What a Man
1902:24Just in Case (A Night Like This Never Comes Again)
2102:30Love Forever