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Hard Time Hungrys / The Winner....and Other Losers

104:18Hard Time Hungrys
202:45The Farmer Feeds Us All
403:52Two for a Dollar
504:05Back Home in Huntsville Again
602:11Daddy's Been Around the House Too Long
702:52Warm and Free
802:46Able Bodied Man
904:10$100,000 in Pennies
1002:39Bottles and Boxes
1103:03Truck Driver, Truck Driver
1202:47The Unemployment Line
1304:00Climbin' the Ladder and Climbin' the Walls
1402:20Baby Wants to Boogie
1502:43Keeping Rosie Proud of Me
1603:30Bald Headed Woman
1803:05Lost in Austin
1902:28Put a Little Lovin' on Me
2003:16Yes, Mr. Rodgers
2105:45Brian Hennessey
2202:40My Better Half
2302:13Dropkick Me, Jesus
2405:12The Winner