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Bobby Bare
Sortie Officielle : 2006
Nombre de titres : 36
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A Bird Named Yesterday / Talk Me Some Sense

0102:08A Bird Named Yesterday
0302:31Somebody Bought My Old Home Town
0502:57Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back
0702:29The Day the Saw Mill Closed Down
0901:41The Air Conditioner Song
1103:26I've Got a Thing About Trains
1302:15The Old Gang's Gone
1502:35They Covered Up the Old Swimming Hole
1602:17The Church in the Wildwood
1700:28A Bird Named Yesterday (chorus only)
1802:38Passin' Through
1902:11You Can't Stop the Wild Wind From Blowing
2002:32Got Leavin' on Her Mind
2102:41The Long Black Veil
2202:41Heaven Help My Soul
2302:23Talk Me Some Sense
2402:24It Ain't Me Babe
2502:38All the Good Times Are Past and Gone
2602:03What Color (Is a Man)
2702:18A Little Bit Later on Down the Line
2802:32Salt Lake City
2902:32(For a While) We Helped Each Other Outoui
3002:01When I've Learned
3102:40Sandy's Crying Again
3202:40When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
3302:32Don't Do Like I Done Son
3403:12The Law Is for the Protection of the People
3503:02If There's Not a Hell (There Ought to Be)
3602:43The Town That Broke My Heart

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