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Afraid of Heights

103:17Big Red Gun
203:44Afraid of Heights
303:39Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats
403:23Louder Than the DJ
504:15The Crutch
606:03Rabbit Down the Hole
703:22Time-Bomb Ticking Away
804:53Leave Them All Behind
903:36Horses & Chariots
1004:03This Is Our War
1104:20February Winds
1204:24Afraid of Heights (reprise)
1303:18Big Red Gun (demo version)
1403:45Afraid of Heights (demo version)
1503:41Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats (demo version)
1603:27Louder Than the DJ (demo version)
1704:15The Crutch (demo version)
1803:24Time-Bomb Ticking Away (demo version)
1904:53Leave Them All Behind (demo version)
2004:24Afraid of Heights (reprise) (demo version)