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Music in Trust, Volumes I and II

104:19The Sweet Maid of Mull / MacLeod of Mull
302:52I Ha'e a Wife / The Tarbolton Jig / Tarbolton Lodge
403:44Lady Haddo
502:06The Silver Darlin's
602:29Lawer's Loup / Miss Jane Fraser / Mrs. Maule's Reel
702:54The St. Kilda Girl's Lament / The St. Kilda Wedding March
803:06Anst'er Market / The East Neuk of Fife
904:02Brodick Castle
1004:06Dunkeld Steeple / Killiekrankie
1104:09Mo Run Gael Og
1203:46Glenfinnan Highland Gathering / Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch / The Five Sisters
1303:20Held in Trust
1403:54Hill House / The Philosopher's Chair