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Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

101:44Waking the Fallen
204:44Unholy Confessionsoui
305:44Chapter Fouroui
505:40Desecrate Through Reverence
605:13Eternal Restoui
707:02Second Heartbeatoui
806:11Radiant Eclipseoui
909:00I Won't See You Tonight, Part 1
1004:46I Won't See You Tonight, Part 2
1105:01Clairvoyant Diseaseoui
1207:40And All Things Will Endoui
1302:49Waking the Fallen: Resurrected
1406:19Second Heartbeat (alternative version)oui
1506:24Chapter Four (demo)oui
1606:11Remenissions (demo)oui
1706:07I Won't See You Tonight, Part 1 (demo)
1805:27I Won't See You Tonight, Part 2 (demo)
1907:09Intro/Chapter Four (live in Ventura)
2005:43Desecrate Through Reverence (live in Pomona)
2105:17Eternal Rest (live in Pomona)oui
2205:15Unholy Confessions (live in Ventura)oui
2307:23Second Heartbeat (live in Ventura)oui
2428:44Waking the Fallen: Resurrected Documentary
2505:13Chapter Four (live Footage video)oui