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The Very Best of Albert King

103:09Laundromat Blues
202:47Oh, Pretty Woman
302:35Crosscut Sawoui
402:48Born Under a Bad Signoui
502:47Cold Feet
602:54(I Love) Lucy
703:12Blues Power
803:58Drowning on Dry Land
902:56Tupelo, Part 1
1102:21Wrapped Up in Love Again
1203:40Can't You See What You're Doing to Me
1303:46Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
1404:22Angel of Mercy
1503:42I'll Play the Blues for You, Part 1
1603:41Breaking Up Somebody's Home
1703:42Playing on Me
1803:53That's What the Blues Is All About
1904:21Flat Tire
2002:48Crosscut Sawoui