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The Complete King & Bobbin Recordings

103:51Ooh-Ee Baby
202:27Why Are You So Mean to Me
302:34Need You by My Side
402:35The Night Has Come
502:54I Walked All Night Long
602:36I've Made Nights by Myself
702:24Old Blue Ribbon
802:34I've Made Nights by Myself (alt. ver.)
902:54Let's Have a Natural Ball
1002:42Blues at Sunrise
1102:56Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong
1202:10This Morning
1303:02Travelin' to California
1402:50Dyna Flow
1502:26I Get Evil
1602:50What Can I Do to Change Your Mind
1702:58I'll Do Anything You Say
1802:15Got to Be Some Changes Made
1902:33This Funny Feeling
2003:06Had You Told It Like It Was
2104:16Ooh-Ee Baby (LP ver.)
2202:34Blues at Sunrise
2303:33The Time Has Come
2402:32Why Are You So Mean to Me (alt. ver)