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Classic Remixes

103:44Wheel of Fortune (2009 version)oui
203:06Don't Turn Around (2009)
305:42The Sign (The Remix)oui
403:42Cruel Summer (Soul Poets House Hust)oui
506:47Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Sweetbox Funky mix)oui
605:19Life Is a Flower (Soul Poets Night Club mix)oui
703:32All That She Wants (Madness version)oui
802:53Lucky Love (Raggasol version)oui
907:22Travel to Romantis (Love to Infinity master mix)
1003:57C'est la vie (Always 21) (remix)
1104:02Happy Nation (Moody Gold mix)oui
1206:04Hallo Hallo (dub)
1304:04Living in Danger (D House mix) (short version)
1406:57Beautiful Life (Lenny B's House of Joy club mix)
1507:20Megamix (long version)
1604:24Don't Turn Around (7 Aswad mix)
1704:39Wheel of Fortune (clubmix)oui