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Format : Middle of the road, Pretenders
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Middle of the road, Pretenders

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From Mon Nov 8 21:30:38 1993 Received: from by (5.64/1.35) id AA01930; Mon, 8 Nov 93 21:30:38 GMT Message-Id: <> Received: by ( id AA07259; Mon, 8 Nov 93 16:29:35 -0500 Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 16:29:35 -0500 From: Steve L Portigal <> To: Subject: (fwd) Middle of the road - Pretenders (need more lyrics) Newsgroups: Status: OR Organization: Akbar and Jeff's Thesis Hut Reply-To: Newsgroups:, Path:!torn!!pipex!sunic!!!euas59c04!ttgssa From: (Stefan Svala) Subject: Middle of the road - Pretenders (need more lyrics) Message-ID: <> Followup-To: Sender: Nntp-Posting-Host: Nntp-Posting-User: ttgssa Reply-To: Organization: Ellemtel Telecom Systems Labs, Stockholm, Sweden Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 12:53:56 GMT Lines: 66 Xref: Hi, I need some help with lyrics to this one. I only got the first verse, someone got the second and third ? Almost impossible for me to hear what Chrissy Hynde is singing. If someone have the solo as well, great ! e-mails appreciated Regards/Stefan (this is from memory, sorry if any mistakes) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ MIDDLE OF THE ROAD ------------------ by Pretenders (Crissie Hynde) Chords: (straight ones for the intro, a little picking in the verse) A G E D C |--5--| |--3--| |--0--| |-----| |-----| |--5--| |--3--| |--0--| |--7--| |--5--| |--6--| |--4--| |--1--| |--7--| |--5--| |--7--| |--5--| |--2--| |--7--| |--5--| |--7--| |--5--| |--2--| |--5--| |--3--| |--5--| |--3--| |--0--| |-----| |-----| INTRO: A, G ,E (repeat 4 times) A, G, D, C... Oh... 1. Middle of the road - Is trying to find me I'm standing in the middle of life with my pants behind me I got a smile for everyone I meet Long as you don't try draggin my bag or dropping a bomb on my street (chords like intro) Now come on baby - We'll get in the road Come on now - In the middle of the road, yeah --- figure after solo: A D G |---------|---------| |--5---7--|--8-8----| |--6---7--|--7-7----| |--7---7--|--9-9----| Repeat and sing "one, two" etc |---------|---------| for each figure. |---------|---------| -- +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Steve Portigal, Dep't of CIS, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1 | | email: Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext 3580 | | ~~~~~~~~ ask me about 'undercover' the Rolling Stones mailing list ~~~~~~~ | | Hey man you got the real bum's eye for clothes.. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+

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tablature middle of the road pretenders

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