Tablature misery machine

Marilyn Manson
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Format : Misery machine, Marilyn manson
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Misery machine, Marilyn manson

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Subject: TAB: Misery Machine - Marilyn Manson Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 15:05:56 -0400 (EDT) From: "Michael Gartley" <> Misery Machine - Marilyn Manson =============================== Transcribed by Michael Gartley dropped-d tuning intro: e---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| b---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| g---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| d---------------|---------------|---------------|-----3-------5-| a---------5-3---|-------5-3-----|---------5-3---|---3-------5---| d---0-0-0-----6/|-0-0-0-----6---|---0-0-0-----6/|-3------5------| this riff comes in after a few repeats of above lick: e-------|-----------------|-----------------|---------------|------ b-------|-----------------|-----------------|---------------|------ g---7-7-|-13--12--10--7-7-|-10--12--13--7-7-|-13--12--10--5-|--5~-- d-------|-----------------|-----------------|---------------|------ a---5-5-|-11--10--8---5-5-|-8---10--11--5-5-|-11--10--8---3-|--3~-- d---0-0-|-0---0---0---0-0-|-0---0---0---0-0-|-0---0---0---0-|--0--- The first riff goes through the verses along with some D chords (00023x) thrown in at the 5 3 hits on the a string. The part right before the break goes like: e-------------------|------------------| b-------------------|------------------| g-------------------|------------------| d-0---3---6---5-6-3-|-0---3---6---9-10-| a-0---3---6---5-6-3-|-0---3---6---9-10-| d-0---3---6---5-6-3-|-0---3---6---9-10-| then comes the break.. eepp. eep.. eep.. play slowly... e-------------------|------------------| b-------------------|------------------| g-------------------|------------------| d-0---3---6---5-----|-0---3---6---10---| a-0---3---6---5-----|-0---3---6---10---| d-0---3---6---5-----|-0---3---6---10---| then it goes back into the intro and verse riffs. From: (Brian Ast) Misery Machine -------------- By Marilyn Manson tabbeded by tune your guitar down a note i think This is the cool riff at the beginning it changes around a little bit but itd proboly sound ok if you just played the same thing over and over. / (G)A--------5-3-------------- -----3--(5)-----5---- (D)E--0-0-0-----4------------ x3 -1-1--------3-3------ | / Bend this alittle This is a slide :) Just slid the shape up 2 frets Theres some lead type stuff here... through the verse its just (G)A----5--3--33---5--3--33 (D)E----------11---------11 the the time he is screaming PPPPPAAAAAVEEMMMMMMEEEEENNNNTTTTTT its just (E)F (C)D--3-- (G)A--3-- (D)E--1-- then the .. when your right your really.. (C)D-3---5--6-5-6-5-------- (G)A-3---5--6-5-6-5-------- (D)E-1---3--4-3-4-3-------- a few times then the break... meep meep meep i am fuelel by... part (C)D---------------5-- (G)A-3-5-6-5-3-5-6-3-- (D)E-1-3-4-3-1-3-4---- then back to the rad riff at the intro and i think thats all... have fun i typed this up fast so some parts may be fucked up.. tell me and ill try to fix them spectre somebody hook me up with some KMFDM tab... :) -- spectre if we do not do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable.

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    misery machine

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    21st Century Rock
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