Tablature southland in the springtime

Indigo Girls
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Format : Southland in the springtime, Indigo girls
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Southland in the springtime, Indigo girls

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # SOUTHLAND IN THE SPRINGTIME (Emily Saliers) ------------------------------------------- [Actually in A, so capo at the 2nd fret.] [Each chord is one measure, except chords joined by hyphens are one measure _total_.] G F/G C(9) D G F/G C(9) D [intro] G F/G C(9) D Maybe we'll make Texas by the morning G F/G C(9) D Light the bayou with our taillights in the night Em C G - Gsus G Eight hundred miles to El Paso from the state line F(9) C Am7 D7 And we never have the money for the flight VERSE 2: G F/G C(9) D I'm in the back seat sleepy from the travel G F/G C(9) D Played our hearts out all night long in New Orleans Em C G - Gs C/G I'm dirty from the diesel fuel, drinking coffee black G Am7 D7sus D7 When the first breath of Texas comes in clean CHORUS: G G C C And there's something about the southland in the springtime G B7 Em C Where the waters flow with confidence and reason G Gsus/A G/B Gsus/C Though I miss her when I'm gone, it won't ever be too long Am7 G/B C D Till I'm home again to spend my favorite season Am7 G/B C D When god made me born a yankee he was teasing Em7 G/B C D There's no place like home and none more pleasing than the southland G C/G C F/C - C D C G - Gsus G in the springtime In Georgia, nights are softer than a whisper Beneath a quilt somebody's mother made by hand With the farmland like a tapestry passed down through generations And the peach trees stitched across the land There'll be cider up near Helen off the roadside And warm peanuts in a bag to warm your fingers And the smoke from the chimneys meets its maker in the sky With a song that winter wrote whose melody lingers [Repeat chorus, end on last G.] INTRO TAB: G F(9)/G C D E ----------------|----------------|----------------|------0=2---2-3-| B ----------0-----|--1-------1-----|--1-------1-----|--3-------3-----| G ------0-------0-|------0-------0-|----------------|----2-----------| D ----0-------0---|----3-------3---|----0=2-----0=2-|0---------------| A ----------------|----------------|3-------3-------|----------------| E 3---+---3---+---|3---+---3---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---| G F(9)/G C D E ----------------|----------------|----------------|------0=2-------| B ----------0-----|--1-------1-----|--1-------1-----|--3-------------| G ------0-------0-|------0-------0-|----------------|----2-----------| D ----0-------0---|----3-------3---|----0=2-----0=2-|0---------------| A ----------------|----------------|3-------3-------|----------------| E 3---+---3---+---|3---+---3---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---| - Adam Schneider,

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southland in the springtime

Album : Nomads - Indians - Saints

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tablature southland in the springtime indigo girls

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