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Dead Soldier
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Threads, Dead soldier

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# #-- File created with Instab - --# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 21:03:05 -0600 From: Janet Schilling <> Author/Artist: Dead Soldier/ Hall-Schilling Title: Threads: copyright Album: Dead Soldier Transcribed by: Jordan Schilling Email: Song Name: Threads: copyright Artist/Band: Dead Soldier this is dead soldiers first ever song composed. its a cool litle piece to learn and mess with. the order of the song is as follows: intro, rhy. fig 1, riff a, verse, chorus, riff a, verse, chorus, riff a, verse, chorus without words and riff a to end it. have fun with it and wish the band good luck with more music. i'll try to tab their other songs when i get the time. Intro (Gtr.1)-Played by Gtr.1 when marked by "*" (play 2 times) e|-------------------------------------------------|---------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------|---------------------------- D|-------0--------0-------0--3---------------------|---------------------------- G|-----2--------2-------2------2-------2-----------|---------------------------- B|---2--------2-------2----------2-------2---------|---------------------------- E|-0--------3-------1----------------3-------3--2--|---------------------------- Rhy. Fig.1* (play 4 times) e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------- D|-0---0---x--x---2---2--x--x---1---1--x--x---------------------------|--------- G|-2---2---x--x---3---3--x--x---2---2--x--x---3--3--3--0--1--1--1--0--|--------- B|-2---2---x--x---3---3--x--x---2---2--x--x---3--3--3--0--2--2--2--0--|--------- E|-0---3---x--x-------------------------------1--1--1--0--2--2--2--0--|--------- Riff A (ghost notes played by Gtr.2 with distortion) - Gtr.1: (clean)(2 times) e|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|- A|----------/0---------------/3-----------------/0-------------------------|- D|-------0------/0--------0------/0---------0-------/0--3------------------|- G|-----2-----------------2------------------2----------------2------2---------|- B|---2-----------------2------------------2--------------------2------2-------|- E|-0-----------------3------------------1-------------------------3-----3-2-0-|- Verse 1- Gtr.1 plays an open E (sixth) string at notes marked by "**"(4 times) e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--- A|-**-----------------------------------------------------------------------|--- D|-0---0--x--x---2---2--x--x--1---1--x--x-----------------------------------|--- G|-2---2--x--x---3---3--x--x--2---2--x--x---3---3---3---0---1---1---1---0---|--- B|-2---2--x--x---3---3--x--x--2---2--x--x---3---3---3---0---2---2---2---0---|--- E|-0---3--x--x------------------------------1---1---1---0---2---2---2---0---|--- Chorus*(Gtr.1 comes in when marked by "**")(still chorus) e|----------------------------------------|------------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------|------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------**--|------------------------------------- G|-2b---2b---2b---2b---2b---2b---2b---0---|-5---5---5---5--/-6---6---6--3---3-- B|-3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---0---|-5---5---5---5--/-6---6---6--3---3-- E|-3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---3b---0---|-3---3---3-/-4----4---4---4--1---1-- play chorus 4 times e|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------------ A|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------------ D|-----------------------------------------|------------------------------------ G|-3---3--/-4---4---4---0---3---3---3---0--|------------------------------------ B|-3---3--/-4---4---4---0---3---3---3---0--|------------------------------------ E|-1-/-2----2---2---2---0---2---2---2---0--|------------------------------------ threads (lyrics): copyrighted Verse 1 sedated anger lingers in my mind forgiveness barred by eyes so blind you end up relying on the rain to wash it all away Chorus I'm struggling through this path you lead me into you see the one you've flawed; his head lost in his hands oh; you turn so innocently; you must love it on your knees why can't you look me in the face; how can I make you understand Verse 2 you slip away from the crowd you called your own through a mirror you see someone who used to be like home; like a friend you realize that you'll never be so close to him again! Chorus I'm struggling through this path you lead me into you see the one you've flawed; his head lost in his hands oh; you turn so innocently; you must love it on your knees why can't you look me in the face; how can I make you understand Chorus: to the end without lyrics

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