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Format : Frank sinatra, Cake
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Frank sinatra, Cake

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Frank Sinatra, by Cake. Tabbed by xAciDWarPx Intro: Done on an organ, tabbed for guitar. D|-------4--------7------------------------- A|--4-44--4--4-44--4--4-4445--------5-4-2-0 E|--------------------------5--5-55--------- D|----------7---------------- A|---2-4-47---5----7~------- E|-5------------5--7--------- "WE know of an..." Then when that's through, you do this lick on the electric: E-|--2-2h3-3-3p2--- B-|--0-0---0-0-0--- After you do that the acoustic keeps on playing these chords. Watch out for time signature change (3/4): Eb C G B7 E-|--0-------0-------3-------2----- B-|--0-------1-------0-------0----- G-|--0-------0-------0-------2----- D-|--2-------2-------0-------1----- A-|--2-------3-------2-------2----- E-|--0---------------3------------- Then they play a riff under the last verse before the solo: D-|----------------------------------------------1~-------------------- A-|----------------3~-----------2~------------------------------------- E-|-0~-----2---3--------2---3----------2-2-1-0------------------------- The solo: G-|-----------------------0~------------------------------------------- D-|-------2~----------------------------------------------------------- A-|-2-2-2-------2---2-2-2-------2---2-2-2-3~--------------3--2--0------ E-|---------------------------------------------3---3-3-3----------3--- D-|------------------5~------------4~- A-|-----0-2---35---------2-0-2------- E-|-3--------------------------------- A-|-------------------------------------------- E-|--5555555555555-77777-88888888-333333333333- G-|-5-4-2-0------------------------------------------------------------ D-|---------4~--------------------------------------------------------- A-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTRO: Mostly trumpet. Finally, after the break, there's this variation on the earlier riff, Played over and over to fade out: D-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- A-|----------------3~-----------2~-------------1~---------------------- E-|-0~-----2---3--------2---3----------2---1----------2---3---0-------- Well, I figured the whole darn thing out in 15 minuets, so its not too hard. This is me first tab I have written If anyone can find the bassline, I would be ever so grateful. From Kazachkov_George_A/ Wed Apr 2 08:50:39 1997 Date: Mon, 17 Mar 97 18:08:50 -0600 From: Kazachkov_George_A/ To: Subject: Cake These are the two songs from Cake I found the chord progression for. I haven't learned the words yet, so you must excuse me for not listing the lyrics. Frank Sinatra: Intro: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------0----------------------------------------- ------------------------------ -------------2---------------------------------------------------------- -----------2------------1--- -----2-2-2---2-----2-2-2---2---2-2-2-3--------------3-2-0----------0-2-- --2------0------ ------------------------------------------------3---3-3-3----------3---3 -------------2-3--------------- Actual song: Em, C, G, B7 Step down: -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- --------------3--------2------1--------------- --0-----2-3-----2-3----2-3---------------------------- I Will Survive: The chord progression is : Am Dm G C F B7 E or Em Have fun...I hope it's right if you have any questions e-mail me at

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frank sinatra

Album : Fashion Nugget

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tablature frank sinatra cake

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